Who we are

Welcome! We are the Heuers!

Welcome to our Website, we’re happy that you are here and want to hear our story! We are Tim & Carolina Heuer!

Both of us were born and raised in Germany. We met more than 7 years ago through our favorite shared hobby – diving! Carolina just moved to Hannover to start her Bachelor’s studies and Tim just came back to Germany to recover from a severe incident, after traveling full-time for 4 years.

The biggest factor that connected us was our passion for adventure. We love to explore – whether it’s diving in a new location or hiking a new trail. We love being outdoors and discovering hidden gems off the beaten path.

Even though we have been a couple for more than 7 years already, we just made it to 5 countries together – that needs to change!

We have been together for so long already and both of us enjoy being on the road and exploring, but we have always been too busy with work. We started a business after dating for only 1 year. Although we are proud of what we have built together, we didn’t enjoy going to work anymore. After we admitted that to ourselves, we decided that it was useless to continue pushing through. Why would you want to work for yourself if that won’t make you happy and doesn’t give you the freedom you desire so desperately?

Then the decision was made quickly (we believe in fast decisions, otherwise you just start to question your decision): we have been working too much, now it’s time to enjoy life!

We sold everything we have to travel the world for an undetermined amount of time. Because if there’s one thing we love, it’s getting started on new projects!

Our latest goal? We want to travel to 100 countries together!

And we will be traveling slowly. We won’t do 1-week-trips somewhere (whenever it’s possible). We want to immerse into the local culture and experience how the country feels, not just how it looks on the surface. We would consider ourselves travelers, not tourists. Even though being a tourist is for sure nothing bad. Even we will schedule some time to be on “vacation” from traveling because we will need it at some point.

We don’t just want to travel the world.

We want to make an impact by the way how we tell our stories and we are going to face personal challenges on our way. Our biggest goal is to tell honest stories and highlight every aspect of traveling – not only the picture-perfect ones. We will be looking for new projects while pursuing the nomadic lifestyle – from running a marathon to tasting every wine in the region available. Because that’s what makes life worth living – taking on new adventures every day, no matter how small or big they are!

We are happy and grateful you decided to join us and follow our journey!

Portrait Tim Heuer in Cape Town


Hey, I’m Tim!

I’m 34 years old and used to work as a floorer, specializing in woodworking. As a German craftsman, I got the chance to work in that job all over the world, e.g. in Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK. Due to that I gained a lot of experience and educated myself further to then become a construction surveyor. I used to be a freelance construction surveyor for the past 6 years and have built this business together with Carolina.

But my passion was always sports. I was running marathons by the age of 12 and I have been competing in motocross races since I was 10 years old. I started scuba diving when I was 18 years old and freediving at 30. Today I am an assistant instructor in freediving (AIDA 4). While I was traveling full-time for 4 years I was working as a professional extreme athlete for about 2 years, especially in the disciplines of downhill biking and motocross. But I have done or tried almost all unconventional sports: Base jumping, skydiving, wingsuit flying, mountain biking, trail running, sailing, and surfing.

After I had an accident while driving motocross in Malaysia and almost lost my leg, I came back to Germany for rehabilitation. After I fully recovered and learned to walk again from scratch, I met Carolina and we built our life together in Germany.

But during this time I had nearly no time left to be as active as I wanted. After a few years, the itch came back to focus my life on something different than a normal office job again. I wanted to be active. I needed to be active.

And here I am, again free to create the life that I want and need. Now I’m always busy brainstorming crazy ideas and projects to work on next.

Portrait Carolina Heuer in Hermanus


Hey, I’m Carolina!

I’m 25 years old and have always dreamed of working in nature. I have a degree in Biology and currently pursuing my master’s degree in Marine Environmental Sciences.

In 2021 I finally became a professional scientific diver, but I have been pursuing scuba diving since 2015. I love being outdoors and exploring new places.

One of my biggest passions is photography, and I love to combine that with my knowledge about wildlife to capture meaningful moments.

Usually, I’m more responsible for the planning and execution of all the crazy ideas that Tim keeps coming up with. I love to search for secret spots and the best places to go. Whether it’s wildlife encounters, sports adventures, or just an exciting historical city trip.

We are excited to have you join us on our journey!

On our website you will find plenty of tips about unconventional destinations, adventurous experiences and traveling in general!